System Updates and Upgrades

April 01, 2020

Operating System Updates

The Second Tuesday is defined as Update Tuesday. This is when Microsoft typically pushes out any updates that they have to offer. Not all of the updates pushed through from Microsoft are deemed as “safe” for your system. As part of the Preventive Maintenance Care, Nivek Group will set the updates to be completed manually and then we will perform regular monthly updates of the Operating System. These updates will be performed once they have been confirmed safe for the system. With this in mind, the only updates that Microsoft will be able to send through outside of the spectrum for Nivek Group’s control will be what is deemed as a “Security Risk” to the functionality of the¬†Operating System.

Driver Updates

Once a quarter, as part of the Preventive Maintenance Care package, Nivek Group will attempt to update the drivers of all Servers and Workstations.

Network Device Firmware Updates

Twice a year, as part of the Preventive Maintenance Care package, Nivek Group will perform updates to the firmware of all the Network Devices. In the event that Nivek Group receives a notification that an update is available, Nivek Group will receive a notification and will action the notification by performing the proper updates.

Hardware Upgrades

Nivek Group will always provide the “Pro’s and Con’s” of performing an upgrade or a hardware replacement. Nivek Group is not in the market to sell to any un-needed equipment to their Clients. Nivek Group will always do what is best for the Client and provide them with options and allow them to make the best choice possible.¬†