Storage / Retention of Data

Nivek Group does not and will not store any of the Client’s and/or End User’s Data on any of Nivek Group’s Devices, Computers, Servers and/or Removable Drives.

The Storage / Retention of Data works in conjunction with the following policies:


Data Transfer

In the event that Nivek Group needs to perform any transfer of data from a device, computer or server to another, Nivek Group will use a freshly purchased removable drive or a removable drive supplied by the Client or End User or Nivek Group will perform the transfer of the data using the network tools that is available within the Client’s organization.

If Nivek Group is required to utilize a removable disk, the Client will need to purchase the removable disk and will be billed on the next invoice cycle. Nivek Group will provide the removable disk to a Point of Contact or to whom they designate to take ownership of the removable drive.

Back-up / Restore / Recovery

Nivek Group does offer a Data Back-up Solution with a Data Restoral Point and Disaster Recovery. Nivek Group may access the back-up files for testing and/or for requests of Data Restoral Points. In this event, Nivek Group may request that the Client purchase a removable drive and mount it to a computer/server at the Client’s location.

Prevention of Loss of Data Promise

Nivek Group, and/or their Partners, will do everything within their knowledge base wheelhouse of expertise to follow all technology guidelines to help prevent the loss of data while performing any type of work and/or updates to any device, computer and/or server.

It is always the Client’s and/or the End User’s responsibility to have back-up copies of their most sensitive and needed documents and/or files.

As part of the Limited Liability Waiver; Nivek Group, and/or their Partners, is not responsible for any loss of data should this event occur. 

Nivek IT has utilized programs for data recovery successfully as well as utilized a Data Recovery Specialist Firm here in the Denver Metro Area. Nivek IT will work with the Client and/or the End User for the best course of action. All expenses and costs that are incurred for the data recovery is the responsibility of the Client and/or the End User.