Remote SOS Support

This page is to help users understand how to download, install and use the Splastop SOS Remote Support Tool.

Remote SOS Support Agreement:

By continue to proceed and use the the Remote SOS Support Application offered by Nivek Group and Splashtop, you have read and agreed to the above listed links/pages.

Visit You will then be redirected to the following page.

Nivek Group

If using Google Chrome on Windows, you will see this on the bottom left of your browser window. You will want to click on this button.

You will receive a User Account Control dialog box. If able to, click on Yes. If you are not an admin of the computer, you will need to enter Administrative User Credentials. 

The following window will open and a code will display. Provide that code to Nivek Group.

Nivek Group

You will need to remain at the computer while Nivek IT is working on your computer.