Purchasing of IT Related Supplies and Services

April 01, 2020

Nivek Group has formed and is always forming relationships and partnerships with suppliers and vendors of the many manufactures and service providers that can be found within the scope of the I.T. world for your every day to day functionality.

Nivek Group understands that as a Small Business, there will be times that you and your team will need to purchase new hardware or services as well as upgrade their hardware or services. Nivek Group asks their clients to please reach out to us first so that we can try and pivot one of our partnerships to provide you the best price possible. Nivek Group promises to give you the best price that is possible. If Nivek Group is not able to provide you the best price possible through one of our partnerships, Nivek Group will provide to you a link of where you may purchase said item/services at the best price.

Computer / Laptop / Desktop Minimum Requirements

Nivek Group will utilize all of their best resources to make sure that we get you and your team the best computer for the job that you need done. There are many reasons why you should avoid buying from the “Big Box Stores” to why Nivek Group understands that there may come a time that your team will want purchase the computer on your own. When doing so, please keep all of the following information in mind.

Minimum Hardware Specifications for Standard Business Use:

  • Processor
    • Intel i3-9320 or Higher
    • Intel i5
    • Intel i7
    • Intel i9
    • Nivek Group is not able to make any recommendations or suggestions of the AMD Processors
  • Memory / RAM
    • 8GB or higher
  • Hard Drive
    • Solid State
    • 256GB or Higher

Firewall / Switch / Wireless Access Point

Nivek Group recommends using a separate device for the Firewall, Switch and the Wireless Access Point. Nivek Group does not recommend and not suggest using a device that can and will do three activities at once. There is more security and more control when you have device that does their own separate tasks. When the time comes, please let Nivek Group know and we will evaluate your network setup, your network needs and formulate a setup that will work best for you!