Printer and Copier Support

April 01, 2020

General Support

Nivek Group will only provide general support for printers and copiers. 

  • Connecting to the Network
  • Setting up a workstation to be able to print to said device
  • Change the Toner / Ink
  • Generalized cleaning / dusting
  • Initial diagnosis for malfunctions

Maintenance Support Agreements

If your Printer(s) and/or Copier is a key essential to your business operations, it is highly suggested that your team purchase a Maintenance Support Agreement with one of the many companies that specializes in the servicing or Printers and Copiers. Nivek Group will assist any client with forming the right partnership with one of these companies.

Backup Printers and Copiers

If your Printer and/or Copier were to fail and that would cause a strain on your operations, Nivek Group recommends that you purchase a back-up Printer and/or Copier that can be utilized in this event. Nivek Group can assist with the purchase and setup of this. 

Supplies - Toner / Ink Cartridges

If a business does quite a bit of printing, it is recommended that you have at least one set of Toner or Ink in stock at all times. As soon as you install the one on hand, it is suggested that you order a replacement right away.

If your business does not do much printing, it is recommended that you wait and purchase the replacement once you receive a notice that the ink is low. The reason for this is because if you buy too far in advance, the ink could dry up inside the cartridge before you are able to use it.


Nivek Group is able to make “recommendations” on the type of printer and/or copier that you may need. We will meet with the client and have a discussion of their needs and their future plans. Once this has been assessed, Nivek Group will make the “recommendations” with some options. Nivek Group can and will assist in the purchase and setting up of this equipment as listed in the above General Support section.

Nivek Group can and will only make recommendations with the information that is provided. It is the Client’s responsibility to make the best decision.