Non-Compete Agreement

April 01, 2020

Nivek Group is the Small Business that cares about YOUR Small Business. Nivek Group, and/it’s Partners, will assist any small business within any field that requires assistance with any kind of I.T. Support that they may need. Nivek Group, and/or it’s Partners, will do everything within our powers not to release any information about your company and team to any other companies, persons or the likes without written consent from your team.

Nivek Group along with our Partners cannot promise or guarantee that we not assist or do business with one of your competitors or someone that is on the opposite side of the team you are on. However, Nivek Group and our Partners will not discuss your team and/or business with them without your written consent.

If at any time you and/or your team feels that Nivek Group or our Partners may have violated this Non-Compete Agreement, please contact Kevin directly and we will discuss this and work on making this right for you and your team.