Nivek Partnerships

April 01, 2020

Third-Party Support Partnerships

Nivek Group offers “Advanced Tier 1” Technical Support along with Basic Beginner Level Web Design and Intermediate Web & Email Hosting Support and much more. However, Nivek Group will not know everything and will not be able to support 100% of the tasks that may be required. With this in mind, Nivek Group is continuously forming relationships that turns into partnerships just to be able to assist your team with the more advanced tasks that may be above the spectrum of Nivek Group’s expertise.

The Third-Party Support Partnerships could be, but not limited to, an individual performing private/personal services or part of another IT/MSP Company.

Third Party Vendor Support

Nivek Group may and will utilize the support group of the software and/or hardware that a client may utilize.

How to become a Partner of Nivek Group

For any person and/or company that is wanting to become a partner of Nivek Group, please visit the Contact Us page and send a message of your interest.