Microsoft 365 / Office 365 Support

April 01, 2020

Technical Support

Nivek Group is able to offer high level Technical Support for “most” Microsoft 365 / Office 365 Applications.

Some, not all, of the Technical Support assistance available:

  • Install application onto a computer
  • Un-install application from a computer
  • Troubleshoot the application itself
  • Set-up / Sign-in to account
  • Set-up email accounts

How-To Support

Nivek Group typically does not offer support of “How-To” do something within the Office applications. However, Nivek Group is able to provide some assistance with “How-To” items. Typically, for this, Nivek Group will just perform internet searches to try and find the steps to help perform what is being requested. Once this information is found, Nivek Group will share this with the End-User. 

Please note: this is billed at the hourly rate and is not discounted.

Portal Assistance

Nivek Group is able to assist with Admin functions of the utilization within the Portal that is provided by Microsoft.