Hourly Support Rate

April 01, 2020

Nivek Group offers a vast array of hourly support options that will fit any need and any budget. The following prices is a listing of our Standardized Pricing. Depending on the actual task and/or request, the cost may be more or may be less than what is listed. For support savings, talk to us about a monthly agreement.

Each Support option does have an hourly minimum  for the initial support offering. Once the hourly minimum has been met, the hourly rate is then billed by the quarter hour intervals. Nivek Group will review the scope of support/task that is being and then will provide an estimated time for completion. Nivek Group may request a pre-payment for this estimated amount following the Billing Guidelines.

Nivek Group does offer discounts for Monthly Service Agreements. These rates and any discounts that you and your team may qualify, will be discussed in a formal private meeting.

Nivek Group does require each user to electronically sign a “One-Time Support Agreement” accepting the Terms and Conditions for the Initial Support Request.

Nivek Group’s Standard Office Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm Mountain Time Zone. Any support offerings or requests outside of these hours may result in After-Hour’s Rates being charged. Nivek Group will confirm with the Point of Contact for the Client if there will be additional charges and they accept the charges before any task(s) is/are performed.

Please visit the Standard Office Hours for the official and most up to date information and any special announcements of business hours along with a listing of Holidays that Nivek Group observes.

Remote I.T., Network and Computer Support Assistance

During Standard Business Hours

$100 Per Hour, One Hour Minimum

After-Hours & Holidays

$125 Per Hour, One Hour Minimum

Nivek Group has partnered up with Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS). This will allow us to connect to your Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Devices with a Simple Session Code. 

If you (and/or Company) signs a Monthly Service Agreement for Monitoring, our NinjaRMM and the Splashtop Applications will automatically be installed (on all Windows and Mac computers that has been added to the monitoring agreement). 

Using NinjaRMM, Nivek Group is able to resolve most alerts and conflicts without interrupting the End User by issuing script commands through the Command Prompt. Using Splashtop, Nivek Group will be able to connect remotely without the user being present so we can schedule a time for when the user is not at their computer to process most requests. With the use of these tools, it helps minimize the interruptions to the End User resulting in higher up-times and more work productivity.

Onsite I.T., Network and Computer Support Assistance

During Standard Business Hours

$125 Per Hour, One Hour Minimum

After-Hours & Holidays

$150 Per Hour, Two Hour Minimum

Nivek Group will attempt to try and perform all requests Remotely first. Even if the End User or Point of Contact is requesting for an onsite, we will try to resolve the initial request via remote tools first. If the the initial request is not able to resolved remotely, then Nivek Group will schedule an onsite visit with the End User and/or the Point of Contact. If an onsite visit is requested right away and Nivek Group is able to resolve the request remotely, Nivek Group will schedule a follow-up with the End-User and/or the Point of Contact.

Vendor Relations Assistance

Remote Assistance

$100 Per Hour, One Hour Minimum

Onsite Assistance

$125 Per Hour, Two Hour Minimum

Nivek Group does offer a Vendor Relations Assistance for helping you and/or your team with the many different aspects of the I.T. Related Groups that are in relation to you and/or your team being able to perform your daily tasks and duties. 

Please feel free to contact us, Nivek Group, to discuss this further if you feel there is something that we may be able to assist with. The Nivek Group does promise to be your best ally on this forefront. 

Third-Party Technical Assistance

Nivek Group is the Small Business That Cares About YOUR Small Business. We strive to be Your Personal I.T. Support team for all Advanced Tier 1 I.T. requests and tasks. Nivek Group is continuously learning new information and advancing their skills along with forming new partnerships for support assistance. If the time should arise that Nivek Group will need to reach out to a Third-Party I.T. Professional for more advanced assistance, Nivek Group will discuss the hourly rate with the Point of Contact prior to them starting the task at hand.