A group of fun ideas by a guy named Kevin that spells his name backwards!

A Nivek Group is just a group of ideas to help make things easier and better for you!
A Nivek Group is not really anything special. It was created by a guy with the name of Kevin that played with his name and spelling it backwards he got Nivek. Well, Kevin was bored and things was not going to good for him so he started playing even more and decided to do things like this website and other things just for fun. Please review the other segments of Nivek Group to help him and the things that he finds dear to him. Until then, TTFN!!!

Please be aware that some projects, sites and links are still a work in progress resulting in they may not be working at this time.
Nivek Food Stand @ X Bar Denver
Nivek (aka Kevin) is typically at X Bar Denver during the late Spring, Summer and early Fall months on Saturday and Sundays cooking up some great food items for you! Click on the logo to see the menu and such!
Nivek IT - Your Personal IT Support
Nivek (aka Kevin) is pretty decent at resolving Computer and normal IT issues. he has the passion to help you. If he is not able to help you resolve your issues, he will refer you to some of the greatest IT professionals in the Denver Metro Area.
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