Cyber Security Monitoring

April 01, 2020

Nivek Group is still in the process of forming a partnership with a software vendor that helps with the monitoring of Cyber Security of a Client’s network.

There many ways to monitor a network for Cyber Security Protection and to help prevent a Cyber Security intrusion.


Modems are the devices that we use to allow us to connect to the internet. Modems allows internet traffic to flow out and it allows it to flow back in. Generally, Modems do not have any type of protections installed to prevent unauthorized incoming traffic. A modem will only allow one device to utilize it’s connection to the internet.


Switches, commonly called Routers, are the devices that connects multiple networks and routes the network traffic between them. Using a Switch, one port will be plugged into the Modem for the internet connection while the other ports are connected to your locally owned devices. Depending on the network requests that the Switch receives, the Switch will route it to one of the other ports. If the Switch receives an internet request, it will route the request to the port that is connected to the Modem. When the Switch receives a response from the Modem, it will route it to the port that submitted the original request. Switches typically does not have any types of protections installed to prevent any type of unauthorized traffic. An unauthorized traffic on a switch can be anything ranging from an incoming internet request, outgoing internet request, internal network requests or a combination of the requests.

Firewalls, Part 1, the introduction

Firewalls is the device that is connected between the Modem and the Switches. A Firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming, outgoing, and internal network requests and permits or blocks the data requests based on a set of security rules. It’s purpose is to establish a barrier between the internal networks (a Client’s network) and the external network (the internet) in order to block malicious traffic like a virus, malicious software or unauthorized people (aka hackers)

Modems, Switches and Firewalls Combined in 1 Device

Most Internet Service Providers will provide a device that can do the Modem, Switch and Firewall functionality in one device. Yes, these devices are great as it is the “All in One” so that means less equipment to handle. However, when using an “All in One” device, you have less control over the security functions and more prone to unauthorized incoming requests.

Firewalls, Part 2, the start of your protection

When using a Firewall, you want to use one that is separate from your Modem and is from a Vendor that specializes in Firewall and Network Security functionality. When using a specialized Firewall, you will also want to make sure that you are up to date with the Yearly Subscription License. This is a very important factor. The Firewall Vendors will release updates to the operating system as well as updates to the features and protections that the Firewall is able to provide. 

How does Nivek Group help with Cyber Security?

Nivek Group will set up rules within the Firewall that contain certain protection parameters for each device that is connected to the network. With these rules, that will help aide the protection of network preventing certain devices from being able to connect or what the devices are able to do once they do connect. Within the rules, Nivek Group can also limit what kind of internet traffic is able to go outside the network or to come into the network.

Firewalls will also list information of the devices that are connected to the network. Nivek Group will review these devices to make sure that they are authorized to be connected. If an unauthorized device is connected, we can force a disconnect and block that device from being to connect to the network again.

Firewalls will also present a log that we can review to see what type of data is being transmitted. 

Nivek Group will utilize all the tools of a Firewall along with the tools of the Anti-Virus software, the Anti-Malware Software and the NinjaRMM software capabilities to monitor the Servers, Workstations and the Network.

There is a lot involved within the capabilities of Cyber Security Monitoring. Once Nivek Group has formed a respectful partnership with a Cyber Security Monitoring Application, we will update this page with that information and start pushing this support in full force.