Invoicing and Payment Submission

April 01, 2020

Payment Submission - Checks

Checks should be “Pay to the Order of” one of the following names:

  • Nivek Group, LLC.
  • Nivek IT, LLC.
  • Nivek Hosting, LLC.
  • Nivek WP Designs, LLC.
  • Nivek SEO, LLC.

Payments may mailed to:

  • Nivek Group, LLC
  • C/O Kevin Flack
  • PO Box 21883
  • Denver CO 80221

Payment Submission - Cash or In-Person

If you prefer to pay using Cash or prefer Nivek Group to pick up the payment in person, please feel free to let us know and Kevin will make arrangements to stop by and pick up the payment.

Payment Submission - ACH Transfer

Nivek Group does accept ACH Transfers for invoicing. Please contact us and we will send you our ACH Transfer information. Due to this being the internet, we will not post that information here.

Payment Submission - Money Orders

At this time, Money Orders are not accepted.

Payment Submission - Credit Cards

Nivek Group is in the process of forming partnerships with Credit Card Processors. If you prefer to make your payment using a Credit Card, please contact Kevin directly and he will provide to you a PayPal account information. 

Invoicing - Monthly Agreement

Monthly Service Agreements are invoiced on the 25th day of the month prior to the month that the service will be slated for. 

Best way to look at this is: If the service is for the month of April, your Accounting Team and/or Point of Contact will receive the invoice on March 25th.

Invoicing - Hourly Support Rate

The Monthly Invoicing for the Hourly Support Rate will be invoiced on the first day of the month following that the hourly time been accrued in.

For example. There was 8 hours of Hourly Support utilized in the month of March. This 8 hours of time will be invoiced on April 1st.

Invoicing - Special Projects - Down Payment

Nivek Group may be requested to assist with Special Projects. Nivek Group will submit an invoice for all estimated charges of the hardware. This invoice MUST be paid in full prior to any hardware being ordered. Depending on the Special Project, Nivek Group MAY submit an invoice for a partial or full amount of the estimated hourly support.

Invoicing - Special Projects - In Progress & Complete

Nivek Group may be requested to assist with Special Projects. If the project takes longer than 30 days to complete, the client will be billed every 30 days. Once the project is complete, the final completion will be invoiced within 10 days. If additional time is required for submitting the invoice, Nivek Group will communicate with the Project Leader and/or the Point of Contact the time frame of when the project will be invoiced out. The delay could be due to the request of additional hardware and/or the request of asking a Third-Party Contract Company to assist with the project and we are waiting for the invoice.

Invoicing - Due Date, Late Fees and Disputes

All invoices are due upon receipt. 

Any invoices that are still open after 30 days will be considered past due. All invoices that are 30 days past due will incur a late of $25 or 2.5%, which ever is a higher amount.

Once an invoice reaches 30 days old, the invoice will be deemed as official. If there is any disputes, an email needs to be sent to stating the intention of the dispute and what is being disputed.