Agreement Types, Lengths and Cancellations

April 01,2020

Nivek Group only offers a Month to Month type of support agreement. If a client purchases an offering that requires a service agreement or coverage that is beyond the normal month of service, Nivek Group will provide the support coverage for the first 30 days from the date of purchase.

By providing a written notice of cancellation for support, this will allow Nivek Group to start the cancellation process of any products that the Client is being billed for. If there are any products that can be transferred to another service provider, this will also allow for the time of the process to be worked out.

Before any transfer of products will take place, all invoices must be paid and current.

Suggested 60-Day Written Cancellation

The Client or Nivek Group may cancel the agreement at any time with a 60-day written notice to avoid penalties or accrue additional charges.

By providing a 60-Day Written Cancellation, this will help Nivek Group to stay on point with providing support services to their other clients with minimal interruptions and/or delays.

Required 30-Day Written Cancellation

By providing a 30-Day Written Cancellation, this may impede on Nivek Group to stay on point with providing support services to their other clients with minimal interruptions and/or delays as we will need to focus on making this transfer/cancellation happen at a faster rate.

With providing a 30-Day Cancellation, Nivek Group may charge a fee to the Client for any additional amount of charges/fees that may be accrued during this process. Before any information is released, Nivek Group may request for a payment of anticipated charges/fees upfront.

Agreement Types


Nivek Group has partnered up with NinjaRMM as their Remote Management Monitoring tool. With this tool, we are able to monitor all Windows and Apple Computers along with different aspects of the devices on a network.

Nivek Group also utilizes Webroot and Malware Bytes to monitor and assist with removal of Malicious Software that sometimes finds their way onto a computer.

Preventive Maintenance

Using the NinjaRMM tool, Nivek Group receives alerts if a computer or network device encounters any problems. With a Preventive Maintenance Agreement, this allows Nivek Group to work on resolving the alerts and perform any updates that may be necessary. A Preventive Maintenance Agreement will provide the client with a certain amount of hours for this to be completed at no additional costs. 


Nivek Group has partnered up with Splashtop to be able to connect to any Windows or Apple Computers remotely.

Usually, most matters can be resolved remotely resulting in a higher rate of Up-Time for the End User and their counterparts.


If Nivek Group is not able to resolve the matter at hand remotely, Nivek Group will schedule an Onsite Support visit.

Typically, Nivek Group will try to schedule the Onsite Support Visit for the following business day. However, there may become times when this is not available. If Nivek Group is not able to schedule for the visit the following business day, we will do everything within our powers to schedule it for the first available time slot available.

If an Onsite Support Visit is warranted, the Client may be charged for the travel time to and from the End User’s location.


Nivek Group will help you maintain your Hosting Account’s Control Panel. When signing up for a Hosting Account, you may select a Hosting Support Plan that better works for you and your team.

Email Account

Nivek Group is able to assist with the maintaining and maintenance of Email Accounts. This includes setting up accounts, forwarding emails, reset of passwords and more. Depending on the needs of your team, Nivek Group is able to assist.

Application/Software Support

The best support for any Application is from the Application Creator and/or their dedicated support company. Nivek Group, and/or it’s Partners, can assist by acting as liaison for your team with their team. 

Web Design

All Hosting Accounts offered through Nivek Hosting comes with WordPress Web Design Toolkit. Nivek Group’s entity, Nivek WP Design is able to offer a support package of basic WordPress Web Designing. Nivek Group is working on finding a partner that is able to do more advanced WordPress Web Designing as well as learning the advanced features of designing WordPress Web Pages.

Agreement Costs and Discounts, Rate Schedule

Nivek Group, and/or it’s Partners, will evaluate your Network Infrastructure, Network Hardware along with the Computers and Devices within your organization. Once an evaluation has been performed, Nivek Group will present you an estimated cost along with the discounts available and how to receive the highest discount possible.

The amount that is listed on the Plans & Services page(s) are the “Standardized Prices” that we are offer. Typically, each client that signs an agreement will receive a discounted price. If a client has old or outdated hardware and/or software, the client may be charged the full amount of the “Standardized Prices” until we are able to bring them current.

Customization and Personalization Support Plans

Since Nivek Group is still considered new and upcoming and we want every reason possible to be Your Personal IT Support as We Are the Small Business that Cares About Your Small Business! Nivek Group, and/or it’s Partners, are always looking for the best support options that we can create and customize to you and your team. If it is possible and reasonable, we will create that support option for your team!

One-Time Support Agreement

Nivek Group offers a One-Time Support Agreement for the event that you and/or your team may need assistance with something. In this event, Nivek Group may ask for a deposit for the estimated amount of time that it may take to resolve and/or assist with the task at hand. During the One-Time Support Agreement, Nivek Group will still document everything within the ticket as well as within our Internal Documentation System. We do this in the event that there may become a request of further assistance later in time.