About Nivek Group

First … let’s start off that Nivek is Kevin spelled backwards. Just like stressed is desserts spelled backwards. The Nivek Group wants to be the sweet dessert to your small business!

The Nivek Group was started originally back in 2015 by Kevin Flack with the the thoughts and desire to be able to help out small businesses with all of the computer and networking needs. Kevin was raised with different family members and friends of the family owning their own small business and each family member and friend helping out each other where they can when called upon. Well, that is what Kevin wants to do. Kevin’s background is Restaurant Management, Retail Management, Call Center Management, Towing, Roofing, Masonry, Auto Body Repairs, Auto Mechanics, Plumbing, Lawn Care and many others.

Kevin has always been into the technology aspect of things since he was in high school back in the 1990’s. Kevin took the long way around to creating his business. He wanted to learn the different aspects of all the industries so that he can offer the best support ever to his clients. 

Now that Kevin has learned a lot within all of the main industries that someone would open their own small business as, Kevin took a job with an Managed Service Provider (MSP) which is an Outsourced Computer/IT/Networking Company. He worked for this company for 4 years. While working for this company, Kevin worked in many different aspects within the company and learned a lot. Mostly, he learned how to treat the client as a whole, the end users and what NOT to do. Kevin will not mention the name of this company; however, he will thank them for everything that they have taught him over the years.

Kevin has now created Nivek Group as the Small Business that cares on making YOUR Small Business succeed when it comes to your computers, our network, your IT infrastructure along with your online presence with web development, web design, social media and social media marketing, online marketing and search engine optimization. Kevin will admit, that he does not know everything. Kevin may act likes he knows everything. But what Kevin does and has in his favors, he has built partnerships and friends within the other aspects to be to help him and his clients. All Kevin asks for is to please give him a chance and try his services out.

Each month, Kevin will be working on a new project and turning that into an Entity for help of your business. Check out the different projects that turned into a Nivek Group Entity.