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Quick Introduction of Nivek Group and what we offer!

Nivek Group is working to become Your All Inclusive IT Company and our only focus is to support the Small Businesses! Nivek Group is a small group of all the IT related tasks that all small businesses needs assistance with. No more of having to reach out to many different companies to handle something! Starting today, you will only need to contact Nivek Group and let us handle everything. No more HIGH expensive monthly bills. No more HIGH expensive hourly rate charges. Nivek Group is a small business that is dedicated to only helping the small businesses alike!

Nivek Group's Commitment to COVID-19 and the Influenza Safety

As Nivek Group and the multiple groups that is being built, Kevin is still the only person within and behind the Nivek Group Brands. With this in mind, Kevin takes every precaution that he is able to for prevention and protection against the spread of COVID-19 and the Influenza Virus’.

Here at Nivek Group, Kevin will try to resolve all Support Assistance Requests remotely as much as possible. Even if your team does not have a Monitoring and Remote Support Assistance Agreement, there are many options available to Nivek Group to where you may be supported remotely.

If a Support Assistance Request is not able to be resolved remotely, Kevin will work with the End-User and the Point-of-Contact to arrange an On-Site Visit. When performing an On-Site Visit, Kevin will come prepared where a mask, have gloves along with sanitizers to be able to work in a safe and clean environment. 

If you and/or your team has a special request, please let Kevin know so that he can try to accommodate all reasonable requests.

Network Support
& Monitoring

Nivek IT offers many solutions for monitoring your Network, Devices attached to your Network, your Servers and the Computers that are in use by your team. 

With our Network SMTP Monitoring Tool, we are able to see when your team loses internet access resulting in us contacting your Internet Service Provider to try and resolve the matter before you can call us! 

Plans, Services
& Solutions

Nivek IT offers Plans, Services and Solution for all of your business needs! Network Monitoring, Server & Workstation Monitoring, Virus & Malware Monitoring, Backup and Recovery Options of your most valued systems and much much more!

Remote Monitoring
& Support

Nivek IT has partnered with NinjaRMM and SplashTop to assist with remote monitoring and remote support of server and workstation assistance resulting in less down time!

Nivek IT also offers a Remote Hands On Assistance to other IT Companies that may have a Client and/or End-User in the Denver Metro Area that needs the special touch of someone being present!

Website & Email Hosting

Looking to start a new business or project? Nivek Hosting is the perfect place to start! Enter your desired name above in the search box to see if it is available and then see which is the best hosting plan for you. Your new business or project website can be started as low as $25 for the first year with our introductory sign up offer. All plans with an unlimited amount of Email Accounts so that everyone can have their own personal email address!

WordPress Web Design

  • WordPress is already pre-installed for all new hosting accounts. 
  • Free WordPress Migration to the Nivek Hosting Servers
  • FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates with Force HTTPS Encryption
  • Automated Daily Backups for the Previous 7 Days
  • Expert WordPress Support Available 24/7 offered through the our Hosting Partners
  • WP-CLI, SSH & Git Access and Control
  • Free Site Migrations
  • Free WordPress Staging Area
  • Speed and Health Monitoring
  • Integrated User Management with the Site’s Control Panel
  • Proactive Security Rules
  • Automated WordPress Updates

Special Promotional Pricing

Nivek Hosting partners with several non-profit groups to offer special website hosting prices so that you and your friends can get noticed for your artistic flavor or your passion of life. 

Not 501(c)(3) certified? No problem! Nivek Hosting does only dedicate to the Certified Non-Profit Groups. Nivek Hosting is able to work with you as an individual, as group or as a company to help you stand out.

Not officially Business licensed? No problem! Nivek Hosting still has a plan to help you stand out as a Group, an Individual or as a Small Business to help your success in moving forward!

Please, reach out to us to see how we can help you! regardless of your business status, non-profit status or personal artistic status. Nivek Hosting promises you that we can help you!

Work-From-Home Introduction

Work-From-Home is also known as WFH or Working Remotely. Working Remotely is not a new thing; however, Work-From-Home is somewhat of a new thing. Most small business owners do not like the idea of working from a remote location as they have “been burned in the past” by employees not producing their fair share of the work quality or the difficulty to work with someone remotely.

Now, there are many tools available to work with employees that are 100% remotely. And the best part! Most of these tools will allow you to be part of a team at a very minimal price!

Work-From-Home Tools

Some of the tools that an End-User will need to Work-From-Home may include some of the items listed below. Not all items will be listed, of course. And .. some items that are listed will not necessarily be needed. 

  • Desktop/Laptop Computer
  • Monitor(s)
  • Mouse/Keyboard
  • Scanner
  • Printer
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Speakers
  • Internet
  • VPN/Secure Connection to Applications
  • VoIP Phone with Headset
  • Shredder

Work-From-Home Support

Work-From-Home or Working Remotely will require some support of co-workers along with the support from the superiors for quality assurance and such. Also, there may come the time to where the End-User may require some IT support. With the tools that Nivek Group and it’s entities have been able to put in place, this support will be a breeze and allow everyone to keep working as if they are in the office sharing a desk together.

Check back soon for this to page to be completed and let Nivek Group help you and your team become the best Work-From-Home Team that is available!

New Computer Sales

Nivek Computers in part by Nivek Group has partnered up with Dell to become a Dell Premier Reseller and with Lenovo to become a Partner Reseller. These two companies offer the best workstations, laptops and servers to be able to run your business effectively with the least amount of down time and yearly result of your Return on Investment!

Nivek Computers has also partnered with some local computer stores that are able to build a custom computer and/or server to the specifications of your business needs!

Used Computer Sales

Nivek Computers has a small inventory of used desktops and laptops that have been rebuilt and is ready for deployment. Just let us know what you are in the need of, we will try our best to make it happen.

If Nivek Computers is not able to provide that you, we will reach out to one of our partners here in the Denver Metro area to see if they have what you are looking for and be able to offer it at the best that you deserve!

Computer Services and Preventive Maintenance

Nivek Computers is able to offer a limited amount of onsite computer repair services. We offer this ability to help prevent downtime and work stoppage your time as this could mean money loss. 

Nivek Computers also performs monthly, quarterly and yearly preventive maintenance of your computers and servers. We check the Operating System, the Software Applications and of course, we check the hardware. Just like your car, a computer and/or server will operate it’s best with some regular TLC that it should always receive!


Nivek Phones via Nivek Group has formed a partnership with Digium Cloud Phone Services offering you and your team the best Cloud Phone Services made possible the VoIP Technology we have today!

This feature/group is still in the development stages, check back soon as we are sure to have something for you and your team!

The following groups are still a work in progress.
Just because one of these groups may not be listed, we are still able to assist you!

Some of the solutions that may be part of a group that is listed below may be offered in a group that is currently being supported above!

Nivek SEO
Nivek WP Design